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After moving to Rotterdam to start my education at the Willem de Kooning academy, I felt isolated. 16, not independent at all. Not knowing anyone in the big city. Nothing familiar compared to the small town from the countryside I come from made me feel unhappy and misplaced.

Everyday I studied how I felt, the things I missed, the things that had changed since I moved and were valuable to me most. Until I could put my finger on it.

I missed the warm light flowing into my room, drawing moving leafs on my wall. The most inspirational moment from the day. A daily 'tradition' was vanished out of my life since in Rotterdam.I missed the warm light connecting me to one of my biggest sources of inspiration: nature. Designing and executing this lamp, I tried to capture this feeling. To combine the opposites of the warm feeling of home, nature all around and the cold light that surrounded me in Rotterdam. So close but so incompatible.

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