2012 - 2016


Musictheatre department Willem II college, Tilburg NL




Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, NO



2016 - 2020

Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam NL

My name is Madelon Verbeek. I am an illustrator and creative researcher.


My projects always start with a fascination for a certain matter. A combination of my experiences, perceptions, emotions and inspiration compose my art, mostly together with comprehensive research.


My biggest inspirations are the daily life; the people and things that surround me, the coincidences and little happenings that make a day and forms our lives the way they are. Also the Scandinavian arts have a big influence on my art and I research this extensively. It is an essential source for my art.


Besides visual arts, I work or have worked with music, literature, films, architecture, design, dance and theatre as well. Collaborations between the different art forms are very important for my work too.


My ambition is to create art that tells a story itself. And is approachable for a large audience and moves the thoughts and feelings from the observer.


I also do paintings, drawings and projects on request.

Please contact me if you are interested in one of my works or want to have a customized personal artwork.