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My artistic practice is centred around encounters that I stumble upon in everyday life, whether on a personal or broader international scale, whether experienced firsthand or learned through others. My works function as diaristic patchworks of personal experiences and convictions, intertwining with political perspectives on pressing issues.

The core of my works flow out of meeting and talking to people about their perspectives and experiences on certain subjects. I work with a figurative, storytelling language influenced by my background in art history, which I often make references to in my works. The main mediums I have been working with are painting, drawing, fresco painting and textile works. These come from a deep fascination for the works of Alf Rolfsen and Hannah Ryggen, and my goal is to create time capsule of the status quo. Women’s rights, the concept of home, environmental issues and my internal thoughts are a red thread throughout my practice. I try to make my works approachable for a large audience and strive to hopefully tell stories that spark reflections and move the feelings of the observer.

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