Yet to be titled, 2020

Acrylic on paper (for sale)


Toget til Humlebaek (The train to Humlebaek), 2020

Acrylic on paper (for sale)

The story of my great grandfather who made fake passports in the resistance group for jewish people in the second world war before he had to flee when nazi germans found out about it. How his actions influenced a lot of people's lives, and also mine (he kept in touch with my great grandmother by sending her very romantic letters (and in the end, because of that, she turned out to be my great grandmother). (SOLD) 2019


The story about how my grandfather and grandmother met (at a psychiatric hospital in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, where my grandmother worked as a nurse and my grandfather lived because his father worked at the psychiatric hospital as well). His father was Antoon (from the other painting) who was a resistance fighter in the Second World War and therefore had to flee and hide in the hospital during the War and after the War he stayed there with my great grandmother. (SOLD) 2019


The story of the process of IVF and the options that are left. (SOLD) 2019


The story of how my grandparents met, and the road my grandfather travelled throughout his life through the Netherlands to eventually end up in Tilburg, where he met my grandmother. Many factors played a role in where my grandfather went, for example his asthma, for which he had to leave his beloved place of birth; Volendam. And the fortunate coincidence of a friend convincing jim to go out in Tilburg for once, where he met my grandmother and danced with her, accidentally stepping on her feet but biking her back home like a real gentleman.  (SOLD) 2019

IMG_2969 2.jpg

Women in Ostre Anlaeg park, 2020

Aquarel on paper (for sale)


The story of the terroristic attack in a tram in Utrecht, and how a friend almost took the tram but because of  a few minor changes in her morning schedule she missed it. (FOR SALE) 2019


'The story of the toy handcuffs that turned out to be real handcuffs' (FOR SALE) 2019

'The story of the floated basement and the soaked piano in the stairwell that resulted in the 'Staircase Sonata' (FOR SALE) 2019


KONSEKVENSER. Easter attacks in Sri Lanka (FOR SALE) 2019

'The story of the twisted ankle and the almost-amputated leg that resulted in the love of a lifetime' (FOR SALE) 2019

'The story of the woman who has to start each day all over again' (FOR SALE) 2019

'Portrait of less great times' (SOLD) 2019

'Detail of a soaked piano' (FOR SALE) 2019

'A fireman and his thoughts' (FOR SALE) 2019

'Gabriel contemplating in Icelandic landscape ' (FOR SALE) 2019

'A desk with all memories of life' (FOR SALE) 2019

'Weather report of Iceland (storm, thunder and lightning)' (FOR SALE) 2019

'The amputated leg' (FOR SALE) 2019

Konsekvenser. Notre Dame on fire (FOR SALE) 2019

'The gateway of the Internet' (FOR SALE) 2019


'Numbered bottles for a baby' (FOR SALE) 2019

'The people of San Domingo' (FOR SALE) 2019

Konsekvenser. The dissapearance of Julie in the canal. (FOR SALE) 2019


'Zelfportret met hangende tulpen en verwachte brief' (SOLD) 2020

Self-portrait with Denmark in the near future, 2020

Acrylicl on paper (for sale)