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The Sound of

a Human -

A Project on the Upcoming Belief in Transhumanism

As a reaction on the upcoming belief in transhumanism, I created a conversation piece. A wearable, portable chest. Instead of a shoulder, a cushion to cry on, to feel safe with. A body enhancement. I want to encourage people to think critically about this matter.

The questions are central; ‘how will our relation be towards our own bodies and the bodies of others’, when we start adjusting and manipulating them so much we don’t feel human anymore? How do we look at them, listen to them, feel them? What does the increasing involvement of electronic devices have as an influence on us, our relation to ourselves and the people around us? How do our bodies communicate to one another (nowadays)?

In this enhancement, the technological part is hidden inside. When you put your head on the button at the cushion, a sensor will be triggered which will start playing (and tracking) the live heartbeat of the person connected to the cushion with another measuring device.

The idea for now is to return to the natural, true and pure communication, to turn off the social media once in a while. BUT, we might need this enhancement in the future, if we become more and more vervreemd from direct communicating, our own body, or the body of another person. To realize, we are only human, again.

Because of this body enhancement, we will be able to listen to the bodies from the people we love and communicate in a sensitive way. Non forced like the social media updates, a more bodily focused communication that is available at all times. We will have the ability to connect and listen to the beautiful vulnerability from the human body everywhere, anytime.

Schermafbeelding 2018-09-15 om 19.33.17.
Schermafbeelding 2018-09-15 om 19.33.33.
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