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Visual Identity

Babette quickly throws an undie in a corner before I can take a picture, Liselotte puts a teddybear under her quilt, Jakob puts a bottle of liquor in a secret hatch under his bed. All of a sudden, your room is pretty much representing you. What you like, what you love, what has happened and still has to happen, what kind of a day you have had. Maybe it is even too much information for an unexpected visitor. A little too many details for captured voyeurism.

Visual Identity is a series of photo's made from teens in their personal room in daily life.

Starting from the idea and fascination for the realization that my room and the objects inside are a very personal and detailed visual representation of me; where I have been, who and what surrounds me, what I think is beautiful or interests me. I wanted to start an observation of friends and friends from friends. What is the most valuable object in your room? What is your favorite place in your room? This photo serie represents the growing up, the moment before moving out and the period of growing into an adult/exploring who you are. 

    Babette, 16

    Luc, 16

    Liselotte, 17

    Cathelijne, 16

Zef, 18

    Jöran, 16

    Jakob, 18

    Zef, 18

Jur, 16

    Jaap, 18

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