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Stories & Stroopwafels

Creating Social Cohesion within the Erasmus Student Community

Schermafbeelding 2018-06-14 om 16.50.20.

Stories & Stroopwafels is an event Evie Koopmanschap and I created get people out of their comfort zones of friends. To meet new people whom you would never speak at campus otherwise. 


After researching and interviewing 64 students, we found out that many of them feel lonely quite often. Especially many international students feel isolated. That is why we developed the concept Stories & Stroopwafels.

We created a cosy and small living room in the middle of the Erasmus University Library; an individualistic, serious place. But now to share cookies and stories. A place where strangers could meet, opening the conversation with a fortune cookie including a question. To share a happy moment that happened to you lately. As made clear in the film you can watch below, the results were very positive. The start to end isolation for both dutch and international students has been made, and in collaboration with ISR it is being continued.

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